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Conference: Documenting social processes and movements (2019)

On the 25th of September 2019 the National archives of Norway in cooperation with Tidsskriftet Arkiv (The Norwegian Archives Journal) and the Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Sciences at Oslo Metropolitan University held the conference Documenting social processes and movements. We were honoured to have international speakers from The United States, Spain, Great Britain and Denmark.

Organizing, preserving and having knowledge of archives is a foundation for the identities of nations, groups and individuals. But archives can be both tools for remembering and expressions of oblivion. What if we do not preserve any trace of the movements created and developed on the social media of today?

In the past, organizations could create records and the archivists were the ones who defined what constituted records and archives. With the internet and social media, the what and how of archiving is affected. Today's social movements are often organized on social media and they change quickly. How, why and what do we collect from these movements?

The archival profession is experimenting all over the world – saving archived materials from the Arab spring to Documenting the Now with Occupy or Black Lives matter to Norwegian parties and ministers (NA of Norway) to people’s use of photos in social media to grieve or celebrate (CoSoPho-project).

Oppressive regimes have often documented their violations of human rights and tried to hide their traces – like the Franco regime. How can we restore historical memories and help victims of oppression? How can we collaborate with new social movements in such work?


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All the conference presentations were filmed. The time slot for each presentation is given [in brackets] in the list below.

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Speakers and their presentations (pdf)

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Tonia Sutherland, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa:
Collecting for the Culture: Embracing Black American Archival Narratives to Support Transitional Justice and Human Rights. [04:35] 

Maria Utgés Vallespí, Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya:
Projects concerning the Spanish Civil War, exile and Francoist repression. Experiences in the recovery of historical memory and the reparation of victims of repression. [42:56]

Bente Jensen, Aalborg City Archives:
Collecting Social Photography. Connect to collect, the social dimension of collecting. [2:05:54]

Andrew Flinn, University College London:
Salvage and Dig: community-based archives & social movement approaches to archiving the past for the present and the future. [2:53:25]

Erik Aaberg and Espen Sjøvoll, the Norwegian National Archives:
The Social Media Project in the National Archives. Arrangements, objections, obstacles. Discussion. [3:48:18]

Gudmund Valderhaug, editor Tidsskriftet Arkiv:
Exit music: The Last Time. Looking backward, looking forward. [4:26:20]