Biological origin

According to Norwegian law children are regarded as party to the case and will have access to adoption papers and such like.

Many people contact the National Archives of Norway in search of information about their own biological origin. In other words, they are asking the following question: "Who is my mother and/or father?"

Such inquires are of a different nature than genealogy research on a hobby basis. This is about an individual’s search for identity for obvious reasons of personal welfare. In general, people are entitled to access such information in our archives if included there. This may apply to:

  • individuals who were adopted away in early infancy, war children
  • individuals born during the war with German fathers
  • travellers who were taken from their parents as children
  • individuals born outside of wedlock who are without knowledge of their biological fathers

Many people who were born and raised outside the standard family context consider information on their biological origin sensitive enough not to want these data to be accessible to just anyone. The National Archives of Norway must hence follow strict rules for access to records of this nature.