Personal Documentation

The National Archives and the Regional State Archives maintain documents containing data that can be used to secure individuals' personal rights and welfare interests in society.

These documents can help users calculate their pension rights, replace school certificates, document their biological origin and provide the necessary information to apply for victims' compensation.

There is no comprehensive list of all circumstances relevant to personal rights or welfare interests that may be documented in the records of the National Archives of Norway. However, please find below a list of some of the major areas.

More information on the individual case types is available below. For instructions on how to proceed to view the documents, please see how to obtain access to confidential data.

  • School Certificates, Certificates of Completed Apprenticeship, and Authorisations
  • Attestations
  • Driver's Licenses and Permits
  • Specialised Schools
  • Health and Social Security
  • Benefits
  • Sea Duty
  • Biological Origin
  • The Roma People
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Military Duty

The National Archives does not issue certificates in languages other than Norwegian.

Certificates and Certifications
Certificates and Certifications
The regional state archives contain documents that have served as the basis of issuance for various certificates, including birth, death, and marriage certificates, and driver’s licenses.
Biological Origin
Biological Origin
According to Norwegian law children are regarded as party to the case and will have access to adoption papers and such like.