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How to get on touch with the National Archives of Norway.

Enquiries to the National Archives

For enquires about our records, please write to the following e-mail address: post@arkivverket.no.

Please note that due to limited resources we have to prioritise among the enquires we receive from the public. We prioritise incoming enquiries accordingly:

  1. Questions relating to personal matters such as welfare or legal rights
  2. Question relating to professional matters, i.e. academic research
  3. Hobby enquiries, like family history research

Please do not send sensitive information via e-email. Also note that your inquiry will appear in our public records in accordance with the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act.

Phone us

You can phone us Mondays to Fridays 12noon–2.30pm. Hours are subject to change during Easter, summer and Christmas. 

Over the phone we can provide basic advice and answer simple questions. We can also give you advice about how to use our digital resources. 

Phone number: + 47 480 55 666.

Visit us

You are welcome to visit any of our reading rooms.

Mailing address

For letters to the National Archives of Norway:

P.O. Box 4013 Ullevål Stadion
0806 Oslo