Persons not knowing the identity of their biological father may be able to obtain pertinent information by contacting the relevant regional state archive. The regional state archives receive for permanent preservation archival records of various government bodies that may contain paternity information.
This includes the following types of records:

  • records kept by hospitals/midwives in which the name of the father may have been entered at birth
  • parish registers kept by ministers containing birth and baptismal entries
  • archives of departments of child support services containing information on paternity suits, child support payments, etc.
  • court records containing information on paternity determination
  • archives of County Governors containing information on the processing of paternity suits

For adopted individuals, both regional state archives and the National Archives in Oslo may contain relevant information. The same applies to individuals such as war children and travellers.
Paternity information is considered sensitive enough to warrant certain restrictions on access to such material. Please see Access to recent archival material.