The National Archives and the regional state archives can provide copies of archival material to a reasonable extent. Requests for copies of restricted material are subject to special consideration.

Due to the available resources and practical conditions, the services offered may vary from one institution to another.
The copying is done by the archival staff. When circumstances allow for it, users may make their own copies.

Copy Prices

  • Regular price: NOK 4.00 per copy
  • Graduate Students: NOK 2.00 per copy (upon presentation of letter of reference from their academic advisor or educational institution)
  • Certified copies and certifications: NOK 10.00 per page
  • Registered orders: Expeditionary fee will be added

No handling fee is charged for small orders that may be processed on-site while the customer is waiting, i.e. so-called quick copying. Copies may be certified upon request. We can provide certifications for welfare purposes.