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The Norwegian National Association against Tuberculosis was established in 1910, initiated by The Norwegian Medical Association. The aim was to unite and organize the work against tuberculosis, which was the most widespread disease at the time. The work was to evolve around hygiene education, nursing and the building of nursing homes.

Photo of Klaus Hanssen

Klaus Hanssen was also a man of the great outdoors. The photo is taken from ”Streif fra Nasjonalforeningens 50-årige historie”, Oslo 1960

Chief physician Klaus Hanssen was the association’s first chairman. His final appeal on the constituent meeting read:

One thing we know – we must learn to pull together, if we do that we are sure to succeed, whether we are rich or poor. It can take longer or shorter time, but ahead we are going. If we stick together, our people will one day be virtually free from the tuberculosis.