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In the years leading up to WWII, the association played a leading role in the work against tuberculosis in Norway. As the disease gradually decreased, the main goal became to improve the public health through research, information and practical measures. New focus areas were especially care for the elderly and the fight against heart and cardiovascular diseases.

In 1963 the association changed their name to The Norwegian Health Association.

In 2010 the the association celebrated its 100th anniversary, and their goal is that fewer will be affected by serious illness and that more people will have a good life with good health.

The Free Church’s secondary school in Stavern

The Free Church’s secondary school in Stavern. On January 26th 1931, Dikka Bruu held several lectures for the school’s pupils, on topics including emergency care, maternity care, venereal diseases and tuberculosis. The lectures were open to the general public. PA-1245 Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen, Ga 1 Reisedagbøker, reisesøstre: Søster Dikka Bruu, 1931