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The letter of corrody contains a contract concerning paid accommodation and subsistence for Gunvor Olavsdatter in Stavanger Episcopal residence for as long as she lives. Corrody is the term for several private pension schemes in the Middle Ages; “kår” is another (accommodation and support provided for instance by a son for his father). It was only the most well off who could buy corrody, which is housing and food in catholic-clerical institutions like convents, Episcopal residences and catholic councils. The poor were referred to public or private care.

Excerpt from Canon Arnfinn Petersson’s testament from 1349

Excerpt from Canon Arnfinn Petersson’s testament from 1349. The text in total is printed in Diplomatarium Norvegicum volume II nr. 305. In Regesta Norvegica volume V nr. 1212 there is a summary of the text in modern Norwegian.