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Quisling visits the German propaganda companies’ large exhibition ”Soldier and Correspondent” in the National Gallery in Oslo on August 15th 1944. The exhibition was about German war reporters. The photo is from the exhibition hall for the army’s film reports. Archival reference: RAFA3309_34_1

Original caption: "Ministerpräsident Vidkun Quisling besuchte die grosse Ausstellung "PK - Kämpfer und Künder" in der National-Galerie in Oslo, die wegen des starken Besuches bis einschl. 22.8 verlängert wurde. Im Ausstellungsraum der Filmberichter des Heeres."

The exhibition is covered in Fritt Folk (the official newspaper for the Norwegian fascist party) on August 1st 1944: "The modern German Kriegsberichter don’t sit, like the war correspondents in the previous world war, in some headquarter, well-protected and far from the enemy lines and let themselves be told what’s going on at the frontier. No, they must dress in a uniform and subject to the same education as the other soldiers and participate in the battles, in short risk their lives with weapons in hand. You can only give a true presentation of what you have experienced yourself. Thus we can trust the German Kriegsberichter, because we know that what they write they have seen with their own eyes. It is not only journalists who can become Kriegsberichter, but drawers, painters, photographers and film reporters. To give the public insight into what these various Kriegsberichter have achieved and are achieving in this war, the German Propaganda Companies (PK) have organized an extensive exhibition... under the motto Kämpfer und Künder. Kriegsberichter from the army, the air force, the marine and Waffen-SS have made an impressive exhibition that is quite an experience to see.... "