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Reichskommissariat was the German civil administrative office in Norway during WWII. Reichskommissar Josef Terboven was the top leader of the German civil administration here 1940-45. At most, around the year end 1942-43, the Reichskommissariat had a staff of around 700, most of them Germans.

This photographic archive is the former Bildarchiv Reichskommissariat für die besetzten norwegischen Gebiete. One of four departments worked with public education and propaganda. The German propaganda was done with modern equipment, and more than 30 000 photographs (positives) have been preserved. Several copies of the same motive are usual. In many cases the original captions are kept. The photos cover Norway and also German campaigns and frontiers in other countries. Travels and events that the leaders of the occupation force and German officers participated in are thoroughly documented, as well as exhibitions etc that the Germans or Nasjonal Samling (the national fascist party) organized. Trade and industry as well as culture are also represented, while the horrors of war have been given little attention.