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The art publishing house Mittet & Co A/S was established in 1899 by Ingebrigt Mittet (1875-1950) and was developed by his two sons Knut and Søren Mittet. Apart from ordinary art publishing products and children’s books, the publishing house has published valuable literature on art.
Mittet & Co. A/S is probably Norway’s most productive postcard publisher of all times and has published all kinds of cards. (Ivar Ulvestad (red): Vennlig hilsen. Postkortets historie i Norge, Oslo 1988).
In 1939 the Norwegian National Archives received 265 negatives from Mittet & Co A/S, mostly glass plates. The themes are the Norwegian royal family, churches in Oslo (exterior shots), Akershus fortress, parades on ”Help the Children’s Day” in 1906 and 1908, and photos of some of Edy’s town prospects from Norway.
The main part of the glass plates from Mittet & Co. A/S has been the basis for postcards from the period 1905 until the 1930s. In the first decades of the 1900s, the number of mailed postcards peaked, and very many people collected postcards. Consequently, the new Norwegian royal family’s members and appearances quickly became popular motives on postcards, in a time that otherwise had few photographs.