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The tourism association in Norway was founded in 1903, and already in the annual report for 1904 it says: ”Photos have been sent to illustrated newspapers abroad, and plates have been lent to illustrate articles about Norway.” From the beginning, the association published illustrated brochures, and until it was closed down in 1984, the association worked continuously to distribute photos for articles, publications and lectures about Norway. The association obtained or purchased the photos by sending a photographer on expeditions to various parts of the country. Johan Berge did several such trips.

The photographic material had to be continuously renewed, in the archive there are mostly photos from the years after 1950. The photos promoting Norway are mostly pictures of landmarks and activities related to Norwegian nature. “A essential part of the Norwegian tourism product is made up by the Norwegian nature..” (the annual report 1978). However, the photographic archive also reports of important cultural monuments and attractive places. Some atmospheric photos are also included.

The tourism association in Norway’s archive was handed over the Norwegian National Archives in Oslo as a gift in the mid 1990’s. Neither the photo collection of more than 2000 photos nor the administrative archives are complete, but central protocol series have been kept for the whole period.