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The magazine NÅ was started by Libertas in 1952 and was a forum for a free trade and industry. NÅ was published biweekly in the beginning, later weekly. The intention was to be “Norway’s pictorial magazine where all parts of the country are represented” (1953). The magazine brought current reports especially from Norway, but also from abroad, about sports, business, the defense, royalties and famous people, fashion, cars, movies and the theater. The magazine also had stories on politics and on the broadcasting. It was a point to bring photos of the people behind the voices.

Several well-known photographers are represented, and total recording sequences have been preserved, not only the photos that were used in the magazine. The photo collection also includes some documentation of the work with the magazine. The magazine was closed down in 1995.

The National Archives in Oslo was given NÅ’s large photographical archive as a gift from NTB (the Norwegian News Agency) in 1998. It contains photos from the years 1953 until 1988 with negatives and contact paper sheets in approx. 14 000 numbered envelopes in chronological order. The envelopes mostly have a short text with information about the photographer and the occasion. There is a register of person and subject.

The texts in quotes are from the magazines where the photos were published.