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"Metlingham June 23 1816

My Dearest Father

I have just recievd your Letter and will leave you to judge how surprisd i was to see by its contents that you were on Board a Ship, going so far from home…"

This is how the letter from John’s daughter begins. She was shocked to hear that her father had gone away on a boat, and she thought he was much too old for that. In her opinion, he should have sent his young son Charles instead, who was now in charge of his father’s company – something he was too young to handle. From the letter we also learn that the daughter was working as a servant for a Lady in Metlingham and that her husband was on board the ship as well.

The other letters are written by John’s mother, wife, son and daughter-in-law. The letters tell a lot about sicknesses in the family and about worries for the men on board. They also tell that John junior, one of the men on the ship, became a father to little Lucie while he was away – a girl who wasn’t healthy. We also find instructions to the men on the boat not to drink too much brandy and to bring clogs when they returned to England.

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