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In one of the National Archvies from 2006, the conflict that followed the ordination and employment of Bjerkås is described. Bishop Kristian Schjelderup was a central support for Bjerkås the whole time, and wrote a letter to her quickly after she had begun her work as pastor.

The letter reflects the conflict that the ordination and employment of the country's first female priest had caused, and the strong measures that were used in the conflict. But it is also an expression of Schjelderup's support, while he at the same time referres to the warm welcome Bjerkås had received in the congregation and in the district.

In the exhibition you can read the letter in total.

Bjerkås is welcomed by the congregation

Bjerkås is welcomed by the congregation. Archival reference: PA-1366 Ingrid Bjerkås 1914-2004, U Fotografier, eske 2