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Before she became a priest, Ingrid Bjerkås was a housewife in Oslo. She was married and had two children. In 1942 she wrote a letter to Quisling with an order for him to resign while there still was time, and make sure that NS was dissolved. The answer was that Mrs Bjerkås had to have her mental state examined. In a psychiatric report she is characterized as ”jøssingismus psykopatica”, and was later arrested and imprisoned at Grini.

The letter to Quisling, the psychiatric report, letter from Grini and more you can see in The National Archive's web exhibition about resistance during World War II.

Ingrid Bjerkås som ung.

Ingrid Bjerkås as a young woman. Archival reference: PA-1366 Ingrid Bjerkås 1914-2004, U Fotografier, eske 1