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March 19 1961, Ingrid Bjerkås was ordained in Vang church, as Norway's first female priest. She was employed as pastor in Berg and Torsken parish the same year,

The National Archives keep the private archive of Ingrid Bjerkås, where her sermons make up a substantial part. In the archive there are also other manuscripts, correspondence, photographs from Ingrid Bjerkås' youth and from her time as pastor, certificates, nominations and other personal papers.

The archive is not extensive, but it still gives us a good look into the conflict around the ordainment and employment of Norway's first female priest and insight into Bjerkås’ basic views and beliefs.

Description of the private archive of Ingrid Bjerkås in Arkivportalen.

Bjerkås' første preken

First page in Bjerkås' first sermon as pastor, held May 7 1961. The text was 5th Sunday after Easter. The church was full this day, with many visitors and journalists.
Archival reference: PA-1366 Ingrid Bjerkås 1914-2004, F Prekener, taler og manuskripter, eske