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Anna Rogstad

Anna Rogstad.
Photo: L. Szacinski. Stortingsarkivet.

March 17 2011 it is 100 years since Anna Rogstad met as the first female representative at Stortinget - the Norwegian parliament. In 1909 she had stood for election for the political party Frisinnede Venstre. The party cooperated with the political party Høyre, and Rogstad became deputy representative for the leader of Høyre, Jens Bratlie. He represented Gamle Aker in Kristiania.

When she took office, all the parliament representatives raised, while the parliament president made a short speech for her. Here he emphasized that the entrance of Anna Rogstad was a big event that would attract attention to a wide extent.

Nylænde, the magazine of Norsk Kvinnesaksforening (Norwegian Women's Association) wrote in their April issue that the marking at the parliament had been a solemn occasion and a proud moment. The magazine hoped that Mr President Bratlie would be absent for a few weeks more, so that Rogstad also could participate in the treatment of the issue of women's access to state offices.

In 1914 Anna Rogstad was appointed honorary member of Norsk kvinnesaksforening. The letter in which she appreciates the appointment, is found in the archive of Randi Blehr (privatarkiv 0233 Blehr, eske Ga L0122).

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