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In 2011 it is 100 years since Anna Rogstad met as a representative at Stortinget (the Norwegian parliament) as the first woman in Norway. It is also 50 years since Ingrid Bjerkås became Norway's first female priest

March 17 1911 Anna Rogstad met as an elected representative at Stortinget. She was a member of "Frisinnede Venstre" and was deputy representative for the leader of Høyre, Jens Bratlie. Thus she became the first female representative at Stortinget.

March 19 1961 Ingrid Bjerkås was ordained as priest in Vang church, as the first woman priest.

In the National Archives we have archival material related to these two pioners, and we participate in the celebration by making some of this material accessible on our website.

Ingrid Bjerkås

Ingrid Bjerkås.
PA-1366 Ingrid Bjerkås 1914-2004, U Fotografier, eske 2

Anna Rogstad

Anna Rogstad.
Photo: L. Szacinski. Stortingsarkivet