Relevant sources for genealogy research can be found in:

  • the online Digital Archives
  • the reading rooms at the National Archives or the Regional State Archives
  • books on local history and genealogy at the public libraries. In addition, the libraries often keep microfilm or -fiche of parish registers, census returns etc. for their area

Genealogy research can be divided into three phases:

  • Gathering of information from living relatives, photographs, and old documents
  • Books and publications available at the public library or the reading room of the Regional State Archives: bygdebooks, farm and family histories, lineage books, address books and articles in local history yearbooks
  • The archival resources – the most challenging and exciting part of the process: registers, pamphlets, and documents, most of them handwritten. The most important sources are parish registers, census returns and probate registers, which are available on the Digital Archives and on microfilm at your public library

You may read more about the main sources for genealogists in the archives.