The military attaches in Stockholm covered all three branches of the armed forces, and were the top authority for the military forces in Sweden. The archive contains information about the Reserve Police, also called the Police Troops. This force was built up for military operations at the liberation of Norway.

As a tactical move, the training camps for the Reserve Police were called ”health farms”. The organizing of these camps started in the fall of 1943, where Norwegian men of conscription age (18-45) were mobilized. However, the service was based on voluntariness. At the liberation of Norway the Reserve Police numbered 15 000 men.

The Reserve Police's archive follows the department structure of the Reserve Police. There is also a batallion section. Altogether there were nine batallions and one support batallion.

One of the Norwegian reserve police camps was in Gottröra in Uppland.

One of the Norwegian reserve police camps was in Gottröra in Uppland. Here one of the camp's dispatch riders gives a pose. NTB’s war archive, Uc/ L. nr. 69

The military attaches in Stockholm were established by the exile government in April 1940. Altogether there were three attaches: the Military Attache, the Navy Attache and the Air Force Attache. Within the legation these were named as the Military Department or the Military Offices.

In the archive material from the Military Attaches you can find journals, copies of outgoing letters and an administrative archive. In the latter there are lots of documents, such as military representatitves at camp Kjeseter, personnel papers, police courses, promotions for officers in the Reserve - and Order Police, different conditions in the camps and various reports.


Relevant archives in Arkivportalen

RAFA-3609 Utenriksstasjonene, Legasjonen i Stockholm, Militæravdelingen og Luftattacheens kontor 

RAFA-1929 Militærattacheene i Stockholm 

RAFA-1938 Reservepolitiet i Sverige