In 1941 the Police Office was established. The Office was to take care of surveillance, security and counter-intelligence at the Legation. The following year, the office was reorganized under a new name: The Legal Office (Rettskontoret). The reason was the need for increased control with the refugees. The office was also to control employment, observation of oppositional refugee groups (communists) in addition to preparations for the treason settlement after the war. First the office was under the Military Attaché, but was soon organized under the Justice Department in London. In 1943 the Legal Office was divided into several sub-departments that administrated different fields, such as surveillance and refugee issues.

The Legal Office’s archive contains in- and outgoing correspondence from the Passport Office’s legal department, registering of Norwegian refugees, applications for passports, visa and entry permits to Norway.

A newly arrived refugee gives his statement at the Legal Office in Kjesäter.

The original text on the back of the photo reads: a newly arrived refugee gives his statement at the Legal Office in Kjesäter. It happens that Nazis, party members and front fighters register as refugees, but these are rejected and detained in Swedish camps for Quislings. NTB’s war archive, Uc/ 69

The Department of Defence’s Intelligence Service (FD/E) was a link to the British Intelligence Service. FD/E was to gather information about the conditions in Norway, and collaborate with the secret organizations which were under construction. In the archive there is more information about Stockholm with annual reports, personnel, etc.

In the archive from the Military Attaches in Stockholm you will find intelligence reports. You will also find this in the archive from the National Police, who otherwise has an extensive amount of material, some of this regarding investigation of suspected “un-nationals”. The National Police consisted of 1500 men. School and quarters were in Gottröra. The police troops participated in the liberation of Finnmark in October 1944.

Relevant archives in Arkivportalen

S-4815 Legasjonen i Stockholm, Rettskontoret 

RAFA-1929 Militærattacheene i Stockholm 

S-1560 Rikspolitisjefen 

RAFA-2062 Forsvarsdepartementet 1940-1945