The reading room


The Regional State Archives in Trondheim shares a reading room with the other archives and libraries in the Archive Centre – Interkommunalt arkiv Trøndelag (Inter Municipal Archives of Trøndelag), Trondheim Byarkiv (Trondheim City Archives), NTNU University library and Forsvarsmuseet Dora/Trondheim. In our reading room the public can therefore access archival material of state, municipal and private origin, as well as published literature. The reading room has 60 places in three different rooms.

One of the rooms is open for guests and smaller and larger groups who want to chat during their work. The second room is reserved for silent work, while in the third room you can find microfilm/microfiche readers and computers with internet access where it is possible to consult digitised and scanned archival material.

 All workstations have outlet for power and network cables and access to wireless network for laptops. There are extra network cables in the reading room reception.


Requesting archival material

You can locate relevant archival material in our catalogues in the reading room reception or through the online archival catalogues. The staff can assist you in locating the information that you need from the catalogues and in filling out the requisition forms. The staff may also provide information about other archival collections which might be of interest.

Usually, the archival material is brought to you in the reading room within 30 minutes of your request. Archival material that is to be used in the afternoons must be requested before 14.30.

Regulations for the use of archival material

The original archival material is unique and irreplaceable and must be handled with great care. It is not allowed to change the order of the documents in the files, volumes and boxes. The original documents must not be folded or written on. Protocols should be placed in a reading stand. It is of course not allowed to eat or drink in the reading room; this should be done in the café on the third floor.

Returning archival material

Once you have finished with using the archival material, it should be returned to the reading room reception desk. You will then be given a receipt which shows that the material has been returned. It might be wise to save the receipt for future reference.

Microfilm readers/computers

Some of the older census returns (manntal), county accounts (lensregnskaper) and other material have been microfilmed. The films/fiches are available in the microfilm reading room on a self-service basis and guests are free to use them. The microfilms/fiches must be put in place after use. One of the microfilm/fiche readers has a copy function. There are several computers in the microfilm reading room which can be used to search the Digital Archives, where you can find parish registers, census returns, registers of conveyance and mortgages, probate registers, emigrant lists etc.

Reference literature

In the reading room and the reception area you can find books which you are free to use. These include local history books about Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag and Nordland, encyclopedias, handbooks in how to trace your ancestors, and books about archival research and administrative history. We also have address books and municipal documents from Trondheim etc. In addition, guests can request books from the NTNU University library and the Regional State Archives in Trondheim’s book collection for use at the reading room.


Guests can order copies of archival material in the reading room reception. Guests are allowed to take digital photos with their own cameras, but make sure to notify the reading room attendant in advance.