Online exhibition about Johan Turi

Online exhibition about the author and artist Johan Turi celebrating the centenary of the release of his book MUITTALUS SAMIID BIRRA (1910) (In Sami language).

... this book will be read all over the world ...
The Sami Archives present an online exhibition about the author and artist Johan Turi on the occasion of the centenary of the publication of the book  MUITTALUS SAMIID BIRRA (The story of the Sami people).  The book has been translated into several European languages as well as Japanese.

Johan Turi was born i Guovdageadnu 12.03.1854. As an adult, he established himself in the Dalma reindeer siida (reindeer herding groups) Čohkkiras in the Swedish part of the Sami area. Turi was known as a wolf hunter, a bear hunter and a reindeer herder, but in 1908 he authored a Sami language manuscript. The handwritten manuscript became the famous MUITTALUS SAMIID BIRRA. In the manuscript, Johan Turi made 14 hand-drawn illustrations. His book is the first non-relegious book written in the Sami language that was published. Johan Turi was assisted by the artist Emilie Demant from Copenhagen in writing this book.

Online exhibition on The Kautokeino Rebellion

Online exhibition about the Kautokeino Rebellion (In Norwegian and the Sami language).

The Kautokeino Rebellion was a revolt in the village of Guovdageaidnu in northern Norway in 1852 by a group of Sami who attacked representatives of the Norwegian authorities. The lokal merchant and the local goverment official vas killed. They whipped their servants and the village priest, and burned down the merchant´s house. Two of the leaders were later executed by the Norwegian goverment.