The scanned deeds registry was migrated first, Wednesday April 27. The scanned parish registers launched on the new service May 2. 

With the transition to the new service, the old services for the scanned deeds registry and the parish registers will no longer be available. However, all permanent links to the images in the old solutions will still be functional, but they will point to the same image in the new solution.

The beta version of the scanned archives has been available for a year. During this period we have received a lot of helpful feedback from the users, and the end result is a solution which covers a wide range of the user needs. 

The search features in the new solutions offer more flexibility than before. It is no longer necessary to know the historic borders in various regional administrative units in Norway. The search results are much improved, for instance:

  • you can see which list types the book contains
  • you can see which local parishes the book covers
  • there are several entry points to the book

The image display page has more options than before and is more user-friendly.

skjermbilde skannet kirkebok

Visningsside i den nye tjenesten. Her ser vi en side fra kirkeboken for Tromsø 1848-1855

We are aware that this is a big transition. There are a lot of new features which may take some time to get use to. Guides and instructional videos are being posted on the help pages and the blog

This new service is not just a functional or a visual change. It also introduces new possibilities in the administration of the solutions. For instance, we want to replace images or add missing ones. This has not been possible in the old solutions, but we can do this in the new one.

We start with the deeds registry and the parish registers in the new solution for scanned archives, but the other source types (probate material, censuses, etc.) will soon follow. 

We are happy for any feedback. Please use the debate forum for testing: debattforumet for betatesting or send your feed back in the "Give feedback" in the service for scanned archives.