Noark is a specification of functional requirements for electronic recordkeeping systems used in public administration in Norway. Version 4 of the Noark standard was released by the National Archives of Norway in 1999. Part I of this standard - "Functional description and specification of requirements" - has been translated to English.

The National Archives of Norway welcomes your comments and questions on the Noark standard. In particular we would appreciate comments on the English terminology used in the translated version of Noark-4. This will enable us to make necessary revisions and adjustments in the English version.

Full Version. All translated chapters. PDF (786kb)

Individual Chapters:

  1. Introduction: PDF (48kb)
  2. Functions and context of the recordkeeping system: PDF (76kb)
  3. Presentation of Noark-4: PDF (51kb)
  4. Module for registration and records management: PDF (103kb)
  5. Module for electronic recordkeeping: PDF (98kb)
  6. Process management and document handling: PDF (105kb)
  7. Module for administrative structure and record structure: PDF (76kb)
  8. Module for access control and user management: PDF (133kb)
  9. Module for board handling PDF (106kb)
  10. E-mail and digital signatures: PDF (57kb)
  11. Reports (Will not be translated)
  12. Periodization, remote storage and transfer to archival repository PDF (63kb)
Terminology: PDF (190 kb)

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