Several archival and depot institutions followed the National Archivist’s (Director General) recommendation regarding harvesting of memory material related to the terror attack. The National Archives has received material collected from the centre of Oslo and from Hole municipality. Other municipalities have also sent material to the National Archives. Memory material is here understood as written expressions and items left outside churches, city halls and other public places after the terror attacks July 22 2011.

The National Archivist has developed national guidelines to ensure that the preservation and the description of the memory collections, as well as their digitization and dissemination, shall be done in the same manner in all archival institutions in Norway. The guidelines cover ownership, type of archive, naming, criteria for ordering, packaging and questions regarding user access and digitizing.

Public mourning protocols related to July 22 should be included in the archive of those who have initiated or received the protocol. They shall normally not be included in the memory material collections.