+ (plus sign) should only be used in the simple search, using the OR function. The plus sign means that the following word is compulsory.

- (minus sign) is used in front of a word that is to be excluded from the hit list. Searching for "Anne -Marie" will include everyone called Anne, and exclude everyone called "Marie".

  • A search for peder +gundersen will refine your hit list in an OR-search, as it means that "Gundersen" is required in one of the search fields. It also means that your hit list will include entries where peder and gundersen are present in other fields besides first name and surname: Hæda Gundersen would be included because she lives on Peder Ankers Gade. 
  • A property search for frogner -romerike would return hits for farm names and street addresses called "Frogner" which are not located in Romerike. 
  • A search for an individual Krohg -*ristiania -Bergen would return everyone called Krohg who are not living in either Kristiania or Bergen.