* (asterisk) is a wildcard. It can be placed in front of or at the end of a word, but never in the middle.

  • Searching for a first name Ol* will return all first names beginning with Ol-, such as Ole, Ola, Olea and Oline. 
  • Searching for a surname *ersen will return all surnames ending in -ersen, such as Pedersen, Pettersen and Torgersen. 
  • Searching for a first name *risto* will return all first names with -risto- in them, such as Kristoffer, Kristopher, Christoffer, Christopher.

Please note that a search needs to include at least two letters besides any special signs. Searching for a first name A* (Beginning with an A) is not allowed, as such searches would be too heavy.

  • Searching for one letter alone, however, will return abbreviated names. Searching simply for first name A will return names such as A. Hansen.