The standard setting for the simple search is the search for an individual:

If you want to search for a property, change the setting below the search field:

In the search field you can type in any amount of words that you want to include in your search. The sequence of the words does not matter. Then click the search button.

For the search for individuals, the search engine will look for your search words in the following fields: 

  • name
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • family position, marital status and occupation
  • residence

For the advanced search for properties, the search engine will look for your search words in the following fields: 

  • farm name/street address
  • farm number
  • property number
  • residence number
  • municipality/parish
  • bailif district (fogderi)/local parish
  • county

Your hitlist will return posts that match all of your search terms. Those posts containing most matches will be reckoned more relevant and thus top your hitlist. If one or more of your search terms are found in the name fields, they will be reckoned relevant than if that same search term is found in any other field.


  • Performing a search for an individual peder gundersen will return hits Peder Gundersen, Peder Andreas Gundersen, John Peder Gundersen, but also Jenny Gundersen living on Peder Colbjørnsens gate, but this post will be considered less relevant. 
  • Searching for an individual peder +gundersen will reduce the hitlist in the ELLER-searh, as it makes gundersen compulsory in one or more fields. Your hitlist will also include posts where peder and gundersen are present in other fields: Hæda Gundersen living on Peder Ankers gade will be included. 
  • Searching for a property frogner -romerike will return hits for properties with farm names or street addresses "frogner" that are not located in Romerike. 
  • Searching for an individual Krohg -*ristiania -Bergen will return everyone called Krohg not living in Bergen or Kristiania.