Occasionally there is a high level of activity in the debate forums, and it can be difficult to keep up with everything. There are several ways to keep track of new posts, but the easiest way to do so is to subsribe to the forum and/or thread that you are interested in. This way you will also be able to decide if you want to receive notifications when something new has been posted in the forum, and how often you should receive notifications. You can subscribe to several forums and threads at the same time, and easily quit your subscription. 

Below we describe the procedure for subscribing to forums and threads, as well as how to administer them. Please get in touch if you encounter any problems with this function: digitalarkivet@arkivverket.no

Subscribe to a forum

  • Sign in to the debate forums http://forum.arkivverket.no/
  • Open the forum you wish to subscribe to. 
  • Click the button "follow this forum"

The drop box shown below will appear:

Here you can choose how often you should receive notifications. Choose from no notifications at all to weekly summaries. Notifications are sent out via email. You will be notified about all new activity, including new posts in existing topics. Make your decision and continue by clicking "follow this forum". 

You will now be taken back to the forum, and the button "follow this forum" has been exchanged for one saying "unfollow this forum". Should you choose to discontinue your subscription, you click that button. 

You are free to follow as many forums as you should wish, and you can easily keep track of your subscriptions by clicking the link saying "content I follow", which appears when you click on your own name in the top right corner: 

Subscribe to topics/threads

The process of subscribing to a new topic or thread is similar to the one outlined above.

  • Sign in to the debate forums: http://forum.arkivverket.no/
  • Open the topic you want to subscribe to
  • Click the button saying "Follow this topic"
  • Make your choice regarding notifications and click the button saying "Follow this topic" to confirm your subscription. The button saying "Follow this topic" has now been exchanged for one saying "Unfollow this topic". 

To administer the topics you follow you can find an overview over your subscriptions under "Content I follow".