Occasionally it will be necessary for the registrant to convey a message regarding the source. This can be done by placing special signs around/before/after a term, or by filling in a blank with a special sign:

  • ?? means that the writing in the source has been unclear or unreadable. (E.g. 'Kristi??')
  • @ is used to separate between two possible interpretations, when it is impossible to ascertain the correct one (e.g. 'Even@Sven').
  • % indicates that something has been crossed out in the source. If a word or sentence has been crossed out in the source, this is indicated by placing % before and after the appropriate text (e.g.) 'Peder %Hans%').
  • !! indicates that the information in the original source is clearly wrong, whereas the double exclamation marks on their own indicates that the information is missing altogether. 
  • * after a piece of information, for instance a surname, indicates that the information was not written down in the original source, but that the registrant added the information on the basis of surrounding information, for instance the name of parents or siblings.
  • E: indicates that the following notification is added by the registrant, and is not found in the original source.