All microfilmed parish registers should be available through the Digital Archives, however, a small number of parish registers remains to be published. Here is a list of these, along with the reason why they have not been published. The solution will be scanning of the original. Parish registers that are published will be removed from this list. Updated 21st November, 2011.

State Archives in Bergen

  • Luster, parish register nr. A2, 1751-1796, incomplete microfilm.
  • Årstad, bell ringer's parish register nr. A2, 1896-1912, incomplete microfilm.
  • Årstad, bell ringer's parish register nr. A1, 1886-1896, incomplete microfilm.

State Archives in Trondheim

  • Trondheim, residing chaplain's register nr. 601B01, Domkirkens sokn, 1806-1808, indexation problems.
  • Folda, parish register nr. 853A01 , 1664-1688, indexation problems.

Statsarkivet i Tromsø

  • Tranøy, parish register nr. 10, Sørreisa sokn, 1878-1904, bad quality scanning.
  • Målselv, bell ringer's parish register nr. 5, Målselv sokn, 1901-1932, incomplete microfilm.
  • Hammerfest, parish register nr. 6, bysoknet, 1869-1877, bad quality scanning.