Statoil ASA (SAST/A-101656/0001/)

Den norske stats oljeselskap A/S was formally established on 18th September 1972, after a unanimous resolution in Parliament on the 14th June, 1971. The company was established as a joint-stock company, but with the Norwegian state as sole owner. Den norske stats oljeselskap A/S, later known as Statoil, was supposed to function as the Norwegian state’s business connection to the petroleum sector, and in due time Statoil was directly present in all sections of the petroleum industry. Since 1972, Statoil has grown from being a small company to being a large, multinational corporation. Gradually, Statoil became a fully-integrated oil company and the leading company on the Norwegian continental shelf. The development of Norway as an oil nation has been inextricably linked to Statoil's development as an oil company.

Serie Aba

Serie Dm: Statfjordarkivet 1973-1988

The oil field Statfjord was discovered by Mobil Exploration Norway in 1974. Mobil administrated the field from the start until Statoil took over on the 1st January, 1987. When the field was transferred onto Statoil, large parts of the archives belonging to Statfjord field were also assigned to Statoil.  These archives contain, among other things, correspondence, reports, agreements, contracts, notices and different manuals. The archives include mainly material on Statfjord A and Statfjord B, but it also contains material on Stafjord C.

This selection consists of the report ”Hovedplan for overføring av operatøransvaret for Statfjord og lisens 037” and correspondence and notices regarding the naming of the platform Stafjord A, a study of “dropped object”, and a log/report on the fire in Statfjord A’s shaft on the 25th February, 1978. 

Serie Eda: Statfjord Satellitt Produksjon STSP 1973-1995

The material in this series pertains to Statoil’s “Statfjord satellite project” (SSP). According to “Sektorhåndboken til Statfjord Satellitt Produksjon” (STSP) (1991): “Included in the development of Statfjord Satellites are subsea installations on Statfjord Nord and Øst, the accompanying pipes and control cables, as well as alterations made to platform Statfjord C. Six oil wells are to be built for each field, as well as four water injection wells. The building of two more production wells on each field is to be facilitated.”

The ownership of the project was shared by Statoil, Petoro, Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and Shell. The contract was awarded in 1992. The content of this series stems mainly from between 1990 and 1995, although some documents from the 70s and 80s are included. The material predominantly deals with Statfjord Nord (STN), Statfjord Øst (STØ), Statfjord C (STC). The selection here consists of English versions of Plan for development and operation (PUD) and Statfjord Øst and Statfjord Nord from 1989. 

Serie Edb: Log books from the Statfjord platforms 1977

The logbook dates from April till August 1977, and covers the towing and positioning of platform Statfjord A. 

Serie Edd: Manuals, procedures, routines, handbooks and reference materials 1976-1993

This series consists of drafts, revisions and revised editions of various manuals, procedures, routines, handbooks and reference material for Statfjorddivisjonen/Driftsdivisjon Stavanger (DDS). The material was produced by Mobil until Statoil took over operatorship in 1987. 

Serie Zd: Press cuttings 1973-2001

The content of this series consists of press cuttings. Some of it has been collected through Argus, the rest by Statoil. Part of the series is sorted thematically, while the rest is sorted chronologically by date and year, or simply by year. The selection here consists of press cuttings dealing with the strike on Statfjord in 1981.