PA 1534 - Østlandske Petroleumscompagni A/S (SAST/A-101954)

A/S Østlandske Petroleumscompagni (ØPC) was founded on the 29th October, 1892, and opened up for business on the 1st May, 1893. The company was founded by oil company A. Hiorth, by the proprietor Andreas R. Lind, as well as by wholesalers F. Mørh-Reiersen and Otto Pedersen. Representatives from Det Danske Petroleums Aktieselskap, who had contact with the American Standard Oil Company, were also amongst the founders. Initially all petroleum products were bought through DDPA.

At the founding meeting it was decided that Østlandske Petroleumscompagni would, on the 1st May, 1893, acquire A. Hiorth’s, F. Mørch-Reiersen’s and Otto Pedersen’s oil petroleum reserves. Furthermore, the oil depot on Steilene in the Oslo fjord was among the real estate that the new company acquired from the three founders at that same time. The company traded in oil products in the eastern part of Norway, as well as along the coast all the way to the Agder counties.

It became increasingly problematic during the First World War that ØPC had to transact business through DDPA, and the Norwegian government requested that ØPC established direct contact with Standard Oil Co. At a meeting in London on the 15th August, 1919, representatives from Standard Oil Co., DDPA, ØPC and Vestlandske Petroleumscompagni (VPC) agreed that Standard Oil Co. should take over DDPA’s shares in VPC and ØPC. It was also decided that internally in Norway, VPC, ØPC, Vallø Oljeraffineri and Norsk-Amerikansk Petroleumscompani (Napco) should enter into an economic collaboration.

This collaboration proved weak on many counts, and it was decided in 1934 that ØPS should take over the ownership of the other three companies, but that they should remain their own separate entities. Because of this change, the company became increasingly difficult to administrate. In order to ease administration, Napco was incorporated in VPC on the 1st January, 1949, ceasing to be a separate entity. ØPC and Vallø Oljeraffineri (which had changed its name to Norsk-Amerikansk Mineraloljecompagni [Namco]), did the same on the 1st January, 1951, when Namco entered ØPC, and ceased to be a separate company. Østlandske Petroleumscompagni was left as sole owner of Vestlandske Petroleumscompagni. In 1953, ØPC decided to change its name to Aksjeselskapets Norske Esso, and it was decided simultaneously that Norske Esso should acquire VPC’s assets and liabilities on the 1st January, 1954. Vestlandske Petroleumscompagni ceased to be a separate company. 

Serie Aa: Meeting books and abstract protocols

This series contains abstracts from the general meetings as well as abstract protocols from the executive board and the management committee. It also includes protocols from “The Administrative Board”, which administered the four cooperating companies Vestlandske Petroleumskompani, Norsk-Amerikansk Petroleumskompani og Valløy Oljeraffineri. It also includes protocols from after ØPC was transferred to A/S Norske Esso.