Navion ASA (SAST/A-101991)

As part of the development of Statoil’s shipping activities, Shipping and Maritime Technology (SMT) was separated from Statoil in 1997, and became the company now known as Navion ASA. The company operated from 1st October, 1997, and was owned by Statoil and Rasmussengruppen. As the company was distinct from Statoil, it could operate outside of Statoil’s geographical territories. Statoil owned 80% of the shares in Navion, while Rasmussengruppen owned the remaining 20%.

Navion became a leading shipping- and offshore company in Norway, and the dominant company worldwide within the field of offshore loading. The company offered a wide number of services within the offshore sector, as well as the transportation of crude oil. Navion emphasized developing advanced technological solutions through cooperation and close connections with selected engineering- and production companies. By combining these solutions with Statoil’s own multipurpose vessels, Navion was able to offer complete production-, loading-, and shipping services for smaller fields.

In 2001 Statoil and Rasmussengruppen agreed that as of 1st October 2001 Statoil would buy Rasmussengruppen's 20% share in Navion for 1550 million Norwegian kroner. It was also agreed upon that Rasmussengruppen would acquire Navion’s 50% shares in the operating company Rasmussen Maritime Services (RMS). In December 2001 Navion was sold to Norwegian Teekay AS, a subsidiary company of Teekay Shipping Corporation. 

Serie Hb: Deck log Polytraveller 1979-1980

This series contains Polytraveller’s deck log from the period Sunday 2nd August 1979 till Wednesday 27th February 1980. It includes the first shipment from Statfjord in December 1979.