Moss Rosenberg Verft AS (SAST/A-101696)

In 1969 Sigval Bergesen d.y. and Kværner agreed that Kværner should buy Rosenberg Verft from Sigval Bergesen, and Kværner became owner of the shipyard on 1st January, 1970. The shipyard was merged with Moss Værft og Dokk, and the name was changed to Moss Rosenberg Verft. In the 1970s, the shipyard specialized in building gas tanks, while in 1978 the shipyard landed a contract to join the decks and to mount equipment and modules for Statfjord Platform B. The shipyard was later to become exclusively an offshore shipyard. In 2004 the shipyard was purchased by employees and a group of small shareholders. The new shipyard was named Rosenberg Verft AS. 

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