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February 20, 2015: Print-ready files of the 1865 Census is now available for download , free of charge. The printed editions are equipped with indexes of given name, last name, birth place and residence. They are only available in Norwegian unfortunately. The censuses of 1801 and 1910 are already available and the 1900 census will be available shortly.

February 12, 2015: More military rolls for Lier have been published, in addition to a list of baptisms in Flatanger  that has been waiting for the new year limit for these sources. We have also added lists of deaf, blind and deaf-mute on the west coast of Norway. A complete list of these new additons are found in the Most Recent 100.

February 10, 2015: The Regional State Archives in Bergen has transcribed church records from the period 1801-1814.  In the list of the Most Recent 100  you find all the details.

February 9, 2015: Tore Stustad in Lier historielag (history association) and Terje Emil Skrolsvik are responsible for today's uploaded data. Lier historielag comes with military rolls, while Skrolsvik has transcribed tax lists and lists of pupils in Bergen. Go to the Most Recent 100  for links to search forms.

February 4, 2015: We have moved the limits for the transcribed data with 5 years.  This means that lists of baptisms can be published until 1921 and confirmations until 1935. Read more about these limits  Some data that has been partially published due to the limits, is now extended according to the new limits. These will not be listed in the Most Recent 100. Other transcriptions have not been published at all due to the limits, but are now available for search. These are listed in the Most Recent 100.  Bjørnar Iversen is a new guest in the Digital Inn  and one of those who has been waiting for this change of limits. We have also published the 1815 Census for Lavik in Sogn og Fjordane county.

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