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October 1, 2014: We are starting this month with church records from the period 1801-1814. The data is transcribed by staff at the Regional State Archives in Bergen and the Digital Inn-guest Atle Brandsar. Go to the list of the Most Recent 100 for details.

September 30, 2014: We are constantly working on the migration of data from our old search site to this one. The most recent data we have transferred are the register of voters . This also enabled us to published newly transcribed records for the voter census of Vestre Toten 1921. 

September 29, 2014: We have published print-ready files of the 1801 Census.  As with the 1910 Census, you can now open pdf-files for the 1801 Census and print these  on your own. These files are based on the data you find on our site as of September 23, 2014. The pdf-files come with indexes for given name, last name, farm name and birth place. We will add print-ready files of the 1865 and 1900 Censuses as well. Unfortunately, these files only come in Norwegian.

September 26, 2014: Newly scanned sources are available today : 73 protocols of enlisted seamen  covering Halden and Fredrikstad in Østfold county and Stavanger and Haugesund in Rogaland county. 26 protocols of customs accounting  from Generaltollkammeret. The 1891 Census  is now completed for Nordland county, and Bremanger and Selje in Sogn og Fjordane county has aslo been added. Finally, DIS-Vestfold has scanned the extra enlistment roll for Holmestrand from 1818

We have also published more transcribed data , mostly church records, but also an index to the probate protocol of Nordfjord 1733-1744. This index has links to the scanned version of the probate protocol. See the Most Recent 100  for a detailed list of the new transcriptions. We welcome Nora Rodin  as a new guest in the Digital Inn . She is participating in the project to transcribe all church records between 1801 and 1814. 

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Updated: The old version of the Digital Archives will be available until end of 2014


From April 1, 2014 the old version of the Digital Archives is available from a link on the home site of the Digital Archives. It will remain available until end of 2014. Read more...

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